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Electrical Engineer – Glasgow

Posted by | 13th April 2016 |

“I was initially unsure about using a recruitment consultant as there seemed to be so many of them and I could always go to companies directly. However, I decided to give it a go as I was moving to a completely different region in the UK and was unsure who the key players were in the industry. I ended up contacting 4 recruitment consultants for advice and Stewart from ITS was the only one to actually meet me face to face, sit down with me and actually get under the skin of what I was looking for. I was surprised how much I didn’t know about my own industry and the true value of my skills on the market. Stewart gave me tips for my CV to highlight the skills more appealing to potential employers and put me in contact with the right people, putting me forward for opportunities he thought I would be interested in rather than flooding the market with my CV which I experienced with other recruitment consultants. I can whole heartily recommend ITS technical for anyone looking for a change in their current role”